E Is for Environment

E Is for Environment

Stories to Help Children Care for Their World--at Home, at School, and at Play

The author of E Is for Ethics offers a new interactive family book featuring twenty-six original stories with different eco-friendly messages, accompanied by delightful illustrations, discussion questions, and tips for conserving energy and natural resources.

While there are many children’s books on the market that emphasize the importance of eco-awareness, there are few parenting books available that help shape a family discussion on what it means to be environmentally friendly.

E Is for Environment fills that void. Perfect for reading together with children, this book will help both kids and adults think about ways to make their homes and habits better for the earth. Each story features Elliott and his younger sister Lucy, and each focuses on a different eco-friendly message to help kids learn how to appreciate our planet. A fun illustration and thought-provoking discussion questions accompany each tale, in addition to clever tips for thinking “green” and conserving natural resources.

Corlett’s warm, approachable writing style, paired with R.A. Holt’s charming illustrations, result in a winning formula that is sure to garner the same rave plaudits that E Is for Ethics earned.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 128 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439194577 | 
  • February 2011
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Ian James Corlett helping kids save the planet!

Ian James Corlett tells of the eco-friendly messages and conservation tips in E IS FOR ENVIRONMENT.

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Full disclosure. I’ve never been a tree hugger, a vegetarian, or even much of a gardener. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of the outdoors much at all. I like my fast sports cars, big cities, and, till recently, nearly any form of disposable thing. But like so many millions of others, I’ve started to become very aware of our environment and what we can do for it.

In the past few years, several events in particular made me sit up and take notice.

I began working on a TV project with some guys who were a bit younger than me. Their way of looking at the world was different. They pedaled up... see more

Enviro-Warriors Matt
and Steph Invade
the School!

It was the first week of school, and there was excitement in the air. Matt and Steph, a couple of green crusaders, were visiting the school today. They were running more than 11,000 miles around the whole continent and were stopping at schools along their route.

In the gym, Elliott was sitting with his pals, and Lucy was sitting with hers. Matt and Steph arrived to talk about their run and how it was to raise awareness for the environment and help kids to take what they called “the environmental action challenge.” They were both very... see more


It’s in the Bag

Today it was Dad’s turn to shop for groceries for dinner, so he took Elliott and Lucy with him to Wholesome Choices Market, the kids’ favorite grocery store. Lucy loved going there to see all the beautiful displays of fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers that came from farmers nearby.

Elliott liked to go to the grocery store because they always had creepy-looking fish on ice in the fish department. Elliott pretended that the fish were talking to one another, and he made up funny voices for them to match their mouths. “Hello, Mr. Salmon, how are things... see more

About the Author

Ian James Corlett
Photograph by Rob Daly

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett is the author of E IS FOR ETHICS and E IS FOR ENVIRONMENT. He is well known in the world of children's television and has created, written for, and/or developed many popular children's series, such as The Adventures of Paddington Bear, Rolie Polie Olie, Will & Dewitt, and his namesake series, Being Ian. Ian is also a renowned voice actor. He is the voice for literally hundreds of animated characters as diverse as Baby Taz of the Baby Looney Tunes and Dad in Johnny Test. The father of two and husband of one for more than twenty-five years, he currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Palm Springs, California.

R.A. "Riley" Holt is a Canadian illustrator, designer, and artist who lives in Vancouver. Riley is proficient in a wide range of styles and uses many different mediums in his broad spectrum of artwork.




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