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Ebony Power Thoughts

Ebony Power Thoughts

Inspiration Thoughts from Oustanding African Americans

The power within the words of our great black leaders and role models is astonishing. By studying their positive accomplishments, we can move forward to our own successes. Now, Anthony Robbins and coauthor Joseph McClendon III ignite passion and open the door to possibility, using the accomplishments, words, and actions of outstanding African-Americans. In Ebony Power Thoughts you will find the words you need as tools for growth and fulfillment, with questions you can use as assistance in benefitting your own life.

Being black means having a very different experience in America than that of any other race. This daily book of meditations, a reference to the success of outstanding black Americans, can be a resource guide or an inspirational tool. Ebony Power Thoughts offers an opportunity to learn from others how to make your own fate! And with the guidance of McClendon and Robbins, you can produce your own extraordinary quality of life.
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  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451603088 | 
  • June 2010
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Chapter 1


Getting the Best out of the Process

"Sometimes a winner is a dreamer who just won't quit!"

Mrs. Every Jo McClendon

Much like a stone cast into a placid pond, so is the first thought that we think in the morning. The stone creates ripples that affect everything in and around the pond. Since thinking is the process of asking and answering questions, the first question that we ask ourselves in the morning has a direct effect on the rest of our day and for that matter the rest of our lives. Thinking is the process. By asking some very... see more

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