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Experience the Vook -- an irresistible new combination of video and text that offers an unrivaled storytelling experience. Bestselling author Richard Doetsch has crafted an ingenious tale of suspense, intrigue, and magic, brought vividly to life with dazzling video components that advance the storyline and are seamlessly integrated into the narrative. It's not a book, it's not a video -- it's a vook!

Early one spring morning on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Jack Kidd bursts into the Greek embassy with a beautiful woman handcuffed to his side. He threatens to blow up himself and his hostage if his demands aren't met.

Eileen Mason, her three young daughters, and her wealthy father are in the midst of a 3-day sailing trip from Maine to New York. Little do they know, a bomb has been planted on board and they are under constant surveillance from an invisible adversary.

FBI agent Ryan Kelley has been dispatched to oversee hostage negotiations. Unbeknownst to his supervisors or colleagues, he has a deep and personal connection not only to the woman being held captive, but to the man who has put her life in danger. He will have to break all the rules to see this crisis doesn't turn into a catastrophe.

So many lives at stake -- and they are all the pawns of one man, a solitary figure who lingers at the back of the crowd gathered outside the Greek embassy. What does he really want? A legendary object of immense power that lies hidden in the basement of the embassy. An object that he is willing to kill in order to obtain.

Embassy is a surprising and utterly original thriller that blends a dash of fantasy with page-turning suspense. High-quality, original video embedded into the text brings this story dramatically and spectacularly to life. The vook can be viewed on your desktop as a full screen, immersive experience, or on your mobile device so you can enjoy it anywhere.
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  • 13 videos, 128 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439177297 | 
  • October 2009
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Embassy, watch and read

Richard Doetsch's novella EMBASSY is a vook.

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