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Empty Stockings

Empty Stockings

A Brooklyn Christmas Tale

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Christmas 1963.
A nation mourns the loss of its president.
A young boy mourns the life his Irish-Catholic,
working-class father never had.

Rory Maguire is a fourteen-year-old boy looking for a better life for himself and his family in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Harry, had a terrible accident that cost him his job, his ability to walk, and his dignity. His brother, Dermot, is hanging out with a local gang called the Shamrocks, and his two little sisters are growing hungry in the Maguires' frigid tenement apartment. Rory's dreams of becoming a writer seem hopelessly out of reach, as does winning the heart of Carol, the daughter of a prominent Brooklyn lawyer. What Rory needs most this Christmas is a miracle -- and even though he can't bring his hero John F. Kennedy back to life, he might be able to give his father, an ex-merchant marine, the recognition he deserves...and offer his family the gift of hope, health, and happiness for years to come.
In Empty Stockings, Denis Hamill captures the romance, strife, and spirit of the urban Irish-American experience. A heartwarming tale for all seasons, it is a gift to treasure and behold.
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  • November 2007
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Chapter One

Friday, November 22, 1963

The President Is Dead. School Dismissed.

Rory Maguire thought this must be what it was like to have a death in the family. The only other time he'd ever felt this kind of hollow, awful feeling in his gut was the day last May when his father fell from the Prospect Expressway at work and got hurt bad.

But this was different.


He knew for sure that his mother was home crying her eyes out.

Miss Seltzer had been so distraught in typing class after Mr. Sears, the principal of Manual Training High, called her out of class into the hallway... see more

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