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The End of Illness

The End of Illness

Introduction by: David B. Agus / Read by: Holter Graham
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Can we live robustly until our last breath?

Do we have to suffer from debilitating conditions and sickness? Is it possible to add more vibrant years to our lives? In the #1 New York Times bestselling The End of Illness, Dr. David Agus tackles these fundamental questions and dismantles misperceptions about what “health” really means. Presenting an eye-opening picture of the human body and all the ways it works—and fails—Dr. Agus shows us how a new perspective on our individual health will allow us to achieve a long, vigorous life.

Offering insights and access to powerful new technologies that promise to transform medicine, Dr. Agus emphasizes his belief that there is no “right” answer, no master guide that is “one size fits all.” Each one of us must get to know our bodies in uniquely personal ways, and he shows us exactly how to do that. A bold call for all of us to become our own personal health advocates, The End of Illness is a moving departure from orthodox thinking.
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  • January 2012
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The End of Illness 1 What Is Health?
A New Definition That Changes Everything

Everyone has a vague idea of what it means to live a healthy life. Eating a balanced diet: good. Smoking: bad. Breaking a sweat regularly: good. Binge drinking: bad. Getting a restful night’s sleep: bonus. Being happy: double bonus. Some of us may choose to disregard these basic tenets on occasion, but for... see more

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Posted on Tips on Healthy Living

Posted by David B. Agus

All fresh produce is not created equal, and low-fat is not always best. Follow these healthy eating strategies from The End of Illness by David B. Agus, M.D.

About the Author

David B. Agus
Photograph © Phil Channing

David B. Agus

David B. Agus, MD, is a professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California and heads USC’s Westside Cancer Center and the Center for Applied Molecular Medicine. He is a CBS News contributor.  He lives in Beverly Hills, California.




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