Entering Tenebrea

Entering Tenebrea

(Book #1 of Tenebrea Trilogy)
One piercing energy beam is enough to shatter the calm of a seaport on a sunny day. Just one shot turns an idle dreamer into a hardened avenger. Enraged by the brutal terrorist attack that kills her entire family, Andrea Flores leaves behind a world she loves. Abandoning Earth forever to even the score, Andrea finds herself an outcast on the harsh planet Jod, where she fights to join an elite unit, the powerful and mysterious Tenebrea. With the universe on the brink of destruction, Andrea must survive against all odds until the day she can face her family's killers and taste the revenge for which she lives.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476730707 | 
  • November 2012
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Chapter 1

Andrea took a sip of coffee, then hiked up her skirt as much as modesty allowed to let some sun on her pale legs. She'd faded during winter, her olive skin now looked ivory in contrast to her raven black hair. But the sun could restore a warm tone to soften her high cheekbones and give proportion to her wide-set brown eyes. She looked over the rim of her white porcelain cup to see her husband shepherd their young daughter, who toddled aimlessly among the crush of people milling about the waterfront.

Saturday morning on a vital spring day at Baltimore Harbor -- Andrea had taken this tonic each of the twenty-two years of her... see more

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