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The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money

The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money

A Novel

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Sarajevo, 2003. Frito and Bannerman, business partners and best friends, roll into town looking to soak up a dose of Reconstruction Money and make an easy killing. Easy until they realize that Clare Leischman, a prosecutor with the international war crimes tribunal, is the best girl either of them has ever met, and that they can't both have her as much as they would each, ideally, like.

Meanwhile the city is awash with UN programmes, black marketeers, lawyers, soldiers both salaried and self-employed, poker hustlers, Machiavellian intelligence officers and expat hedonists all high on Dayton money. And by the time Frito and Bannerman have started hunting men accused of war crimes, their own lives have taken on all the risk, craziness and emotional upheaval -- but very little of the money -- that they'd bargained for.

Warmhearted and wildly funny, The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money tackles love and war and the brutal costs of both in all their madness, hilarity and hurt. It is an unforgettable first novel.
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  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416597261 | 
  • April 2009
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Author Revealed

Thomas Leveritt
Q. how did you come to write The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money?

A. I started out trying to write a simple love triangle; just three relationships and their accompanying sex scenes. But life got in the way, as it will, and it ended up being as much about Sarajevo, Business and The Gun as fleshy treasures.

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