The Exile of Gigi Lane

The Exile of Gigi Lane

For Ages: 12 and up
As incoming Head Hottie of the exclusive clique called Hot Spot, Gigi Lane knows it is her right to see that the ducklings at Swan’s Lake Country Day school fall into line. But when one classmate exposes her as a “mean girl,” Gigi slowly and wretchedly falls to the bottom of the high school social ravine. Gigi’s first-person account of her plummet from popularity is insightful yet naïve, set in a humorous, satiric world.
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  • Margaret K. McElderry Books | 
  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439160688 | 
  • April 2010 | 
  • Grades 7 and up | 
  • Lexile 860
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Adrienne Vrettos: Revealed!

Author Adrienne Vrettos reveals overused words, a fantastic Halloween costume, and more!

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Who Says Dung Can’t Be Fun?
First-years’ final duty announced!

(You’ll want to hold your noses for this one.)

I’m Gigi Lane and you wish you were me.

Oh my God, that has to be the most powerful affirmation in the history of the world. Dictators don’t have affirmations that good.

I tap my fingers on the steering wheel to its undeniable rhythm. I’m Gigi Lane and you wish were me. I could rule the world with an affirmation like this. But I think I’ll start with Swan’s Lake Country Day School for... see more

Free* Haircuts!**
*If you have shoulder-length or longer hair
**We get to keep the hair.

(Do-Goods, we’re looking at you—bald kids need your help!)

“Good morning, Ms. Cady!” we both scream as we pass the stone statue of our school’s founder sitting proudly atop a rearing horse that guards the bottom of the school driveway. Two first-years, one dangling precipitously from the horse’s towering left hoof, and the other sitting atop Ms. Cady’s shoulders, look up at us as we pass, their polishing cloths paused.

We’re a few minutes early,... see more

About the Author

Adrienne Maria Vrettos
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Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Adrienne Maria Vrettos grew up on a mountain in southern California, where she rode dirt bikes and made a mean double-mud pie. Her first novel, Skin, was named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, and a New York Public Library Top 100 Books for Reading and Sharing selection. Her second novel, Sight, was an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers and a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age. She is also the author of The Exile of Gigi Lane and Burnout. Adrienne lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York, and you can visit her online at


Author Revealed

Adrienne Maria Vrettos
Q. how did you come to write The Exile of Gigi Lane?

A. I wanted to blow the lid off the world-wide conspiracy known as high school popularity.

I can't tell you more, except to say that every secret suspicion you've ever had about popular kids is true.

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