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Fake Me a Match

Fake Me a Match

For Ages: 9 - 14
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It’s matchmaking mayhem when a school project goes awry in this “entertaining and enjoyable read” (School Library Journal) from the author of Four Truths and a Lie.

Avery LaDuke is bummed when her (former) BFF, Sophie Burns, dumps her for the popular crowd. But now that her mom is getting remarried, Avery’s hoping her new stepsister, Blake, will fill the role of best pal. So imagine her shock when Blake befriends Sophie instead! At least Avery can focus on leading the eighth-grade charity project—which turns out to involve an online matchmaking service. She’s skeptical about online love, but Avery sees an opportunity to get Blake back on her side: She’ll tamper with the program and have Blake matched with Sam, the most popular boy in school!
Except something goes seriously wrong, and it’s Avery who ends up being matched with Sam. Not only is the class adviser suspicious, but Avery discovers that she kinda sorta likes Sam…and he likes her back. Torn between her crush and her new stepsister/best friend, Avery is left wondering: Is there any possible way she can keep them both?
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442422599 | 
  • November 2012 | 
  • Grades 4 - 9
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SO I’M KIND OF IN THE MARKET FOR A new best friend. Reasons:

  1. My old best friend, Sophie Burns, has apparently decided that we are not friends anymore. I’m still not clear on the exact reasons for this, but from what I can tell, it has something to do with us starting seventh grade. At the beginning of the year she found some new, more popular friends (Kaci Mitchell and K.J. Reynolds), who love to do nothing except talk about boys, boys, boys. And when they’re not talking about boys, they’re texting them, following them, or getting their hair highlighted in order to be noticed...
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