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Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

Strange things have always happened in Seavy County, the most rugged stretch of Oregon's coastline. Violent storms spring up like magic, even when the rest of the state enjoys sunshine; unearthly beings are sometimes glimpsed in the twilight; and those who live there understand that a rare enchantment still lives in the world, although they seldom speak of it.

For Seavy County is home to not just animal life, but to fantasy life as well: mythical creatures long vanished from the rest of the planet. The last survivors of a bygone age, they lead a precarious existence, skirting the fringes of modern civilization.

The Buckingham family has protected the hidden wonders of Seavy County for generations. Forty years ago, Lyssa Buckingham's father lost his life doing just that. Lyssa fled from Seavy County, searching for a more normal life, but found tragedy and heartbreak instead. With her ten-year-old daughter, Emily, in tow, she has come home at last, just as the malignant forces that killed her father are gathering strength once more.

Now Lyssa must make some hard choices. About the county, about Emily -- and about the fragile fantasy life that surrounds them all.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451605990 | 
  • June 2010
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Chapter One

Madison, Wisconsin

On the hottest day of the year, Emily Buckingham -- who, until two months before, had been known as Emily Walters -- took her bike out of the garage, filled two bottles of water, stuck them in the bottle cages, and dusted off her bike helmet. If she got caught, she would say she was just out for a ride, and she got lost.

Her mom might not believe that, but there'd be no proof. And proof, Emily knew from watching too many cop show reruns while Mommy was teaching summer school, was all that mattered. Mommy could guess all she wanted, but she'd never really know the truth.

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