Fat Is Not Your Fate

Fat Is Not Your Fate

Outsmart Your Genes and Lose the Weight Forever

Foreword by: Marianne Smith Edge

Do you constantly crave foods such as chocolate, overeat them, and feel out of control?
Does high blood pressure run in your family?
Do you have a strong family history of heart disease?
Do you have an apple -- instead of a pear-shaped body?
Do you find that food calms you down?
Do you suffer monthly from PMS bloat, have leftover pregnancy pounds, or a menopause tummy?

Take the Phenotype Quiz and learn how to manage your weight based on your individual gene type!

Fat Is Not Your Fate offers a groundbreaking, scientifically proven approach to weight loss -- one that allows you to follow a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your own genetic blueprint. Based on the latest research, this program includes:

• Personalized easy-to-follow menu plans for your gene type
• Strategies to control your weight triggers
• Easy, tasty recipes for your meal plan
• Your optimum caloric intake and fat-protein-carb balance
• Tips on exercise and activities to keep the weight off

...and other suggestions for achieving maximum weight loss, lowering your risk of disease, and satisfying your physical and emotional needs. If you're one of the millions of Americans trying to take and keep the pounds off, let Fat Is Not Your Fate be your first step toward a fit and healthy future.
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  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743249867 | 
  • January 2006
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Chapter 1: Outsmarting Your Genetic Legacy

Why a Phenotype-Based Diet?

The Link Between Genetics and Weight

Though weight problems may be hereditary, they need not be a life-long affliction. Our experience as nutrition professionals upholds this, and emerging genomic data demonstrates why. You can stop thinking of your genes as a curse. This book will show how your genes can work for you, instead of against you. The right foods in the right proportions with the right supplements, tied specifically to your genetic profile, will produce genetic equilibrium and the weight loss you want. Within days, you will feel healthier and... see more

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