Feng Shui Chic

Feng Shui Chic

Change Your Life With Spirit and Style

Change Your Look, Change Your Life
Feng shui master Carole Swann Meltzer and David Andrusia present feng shui in a new way: Instead of feng shui-ing the space around you, you feng shui your body. Learn how to use color, cut, fabric, and style -- even your accessories and hair color -- to:
  • jump-start your career
  • inspire your creativity
  • ensure your health

You'll also learn effective meditation techniques to gain focus in all that you do, plus easy exercises for greater energy than ever before. Feng Shui Chic will help you achieve your greatest goals...and prosper in every part of your life -- today, tomorrow, and in the time to come.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743221962 | 
  • January 2003
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Chapter One: What is Feng Shui Chic?

Feng Shui Chic. As I look at these three words, I can't help but smile. After all, the very word chic implies all that is trendy and new. And while I am the biggest devotee of feng shui anywhere, it's hard to think of this ancient practice as trendy or chic!

Yet that, my friends, is exactly what this book is about: Feng Shui Chic. This is because what we wear, how we dress, our makeup, and even the scent we wear influences our energy, and thus whole aspects of our lives. It's about looking and feeling your absolute finest through the principles of feng shui not sometimes, not once in a... see more

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