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The Fight for the Four Freedoms

The Fight for the Four Freedoms

What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great

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On January 6, 1941, the Greatest Generation gave voice to its founding principles, the Four Freedoms: Freedom from want and from fear. Freedom of speech and religion. In the name of the Four Freedoms they fought the Great Depression. In the name of the Four Freedoms they defeated the Axis powers.

In the process they made the United States the richest and most powerful country on Earth. And, despite a powerful, reactionary opposition, the men and women of the Greatest Generation made America freer, more equal, and more democratic than ever before.

Now, when all they fought for is under siege, we need to remember their full achievement, and, so armed, take up again the fight for the Four Freedoms.
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  • April 2014
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Why the Fight for the Four Freedoms Matters

Professor Harvey J. Kaye, author of The Fight for the Four Freedoms, recounts the importance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s proposed “Second Bill of Rights” following America’s harrowing times during World War II and the Great Depression.

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The Fight for the Four Freedoms CHAPTER ONE “We have not yet fully explored the democratic way of life.”
Harold Saperstein, Martin Dash, and Akiva Skidell heard President Roosevelt’s 1941 Message to Congress and, like so many other Americans, made the Four Freedoms their own. To these young Jewish Americans, “freedom of speech and expression” meant the right to speak even when doing so challenged the prevailing consensus; “freedom of worship” signified the right to pray and live freely and... see more



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