Filipino Martial Culture

Filipino Martial Culture

Widely practiced but not always understood, the Filipino martial arts have a rich history and distinctive character that until now have not fully been documented. Written in the context of Philippine history and culture, Filipino Martial Culture uncovers the esoteric components of the Filipino martial arts and the life histories of the men who perpetuate them. Included are: the history of turbulence and war in the Philippines from prehistoric times to the present day; the culture of the Filipino martial arts, including warrior ethos and worldview, spirituality, folklore, and weaponry; biographical sketches of eighteen Filipino masters and descriptions of their respective fighting styles; and a comparative study of the ethos, ideology, and development of the Filipino martial arts in relation to the considerable martial traditions of India, China, and Japan.

In the course of his research, internationally renowned martial arts master and scholar Mark V. Wiley traveled the globe, interviewing top masters and recording their life histories, thoughts, and anecdotes. In addition, he collected 320 historical photographs and illustrations, including step-by-step sequences of the masters demonstrating the distinctive techniques of their particular martial styles. A classic reference for practitioners and researchers alike, Filipino Martial Culture is as much a definitive anthropological textbook as it is a practical guide to the martial arts.
  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 376 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780804820882 | 
  • May 1997

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