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Winner of the MTV Fiction Contest
Marking the debut of a vibrant new voice in American fiction, Floating is a poignant and sharply original novel about the fragile boundaries between desire, love, and betrayal. For most people, Whitticker, Arizona, population 641, is just a rest stop on a highway to somewhere else. But for twenty-five-year-old Ruby Pearson, there is nowhere else. With husband in jail and an eight-year-old son at home, Ruby knows what she wants what she doesn't -- and is determined to break free of a life going nowhere. When a pickup-truck cowboy named Sean rolls in off the interstate, bringing with him a world possibilities, Ruby is given her chance. Problem is, Sean's her husband's brother, her son's uncle...and maybe her best shot at true love and a ticket out.
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  • MTV Books | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671024499 | 
  • October 1998
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Chapter One
There is only one road leading out of Whitticker, Arizona, and Ruby Robert Black Pearson was walking down it -- past the sign that reads "Population: 641," toward the rest of the world -- the afternoon her husband held up the 7-Eleven at the edge of the freeway with an unloaded pistol. The mechanics at the service station next to the 7-Eleven had kept Ruby's truck jacked up toward the ceiling for the past six days, and Ruby was tired of walking. In high school alone she had walked this three-mile stretch of road out of Whitticker more times than she could remember, promising herself each time that she would keep on going, anywhere... see more

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