Fool in Love

Fool in Love

One Man's Search for Romance . . . or Something Like It

The delirious pursuit of love is a search that inevitably takes us all both down the well-beaten path and into new, uncharted territory. In this collection of thirty-three heart-tugging and hilarious essays, celebrated Electronic Urban Report columnist Steven Ivory chronicles his lifelong quest for that thing we all crave: The Meaningful Relationship.
The journey begins with his first love -- his mother -- before making an amusing pilgrimage through lust-filled adolescent affections, an awkward introduction to sex, and a series of poignant and funny adventures of unrequited love, bungled blind dates, and the Ones That Got Away.
Propelled by a wit rivaled only by a willingness to bare his soul, Ivory's revelations on kissing, game-playing, sexual satisfaction, and personal insecurities culminate in a startling, life-altering discovery that touches your funny bone as well as your heart.
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  • February 2004
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Chapter One: It All Begins with a...

She was a good-looking woman. At thirty, she had her stuff together: She had a good job at Hughes Aircraft and a new Volkswagen Rabbit. She was buying the Ladera Heights town house she lived in. She could have taught a naive kid like me, all of twenty-four at the time, a thing or two about life. And she could cook.

But as I left her place late that night for the second time in a week, clothes rumpled and passions unrequited, there was something in an otherwise beautiful picture that I simply could not ignore: The girl could not kiss.

The two of us wrestled amorously on her couch for... see more

When I told a friend I was writing a book about romance where it concerns me, he replied with an undertone of sarcasm, "Oh, I see -- it's going to be a book of short stories." Another friend coyly remarked that, from any other writer, such a book would qualify as "a labor of love, but..." Her voice trailed off as she contemplated whether coming from me this book would actually have anything to do with love.

These heartwarming exhibitions of faith emanate from friends. When I said there would be thirty-three essays, people got wide-eyed and took a step back, as if they might catch something from a man who... see more

About the Author

Steven Ivory
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Steven Ivory

Steven Ivory has been a music and culture journalist for more than twenty-five years. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Essence, Vibe, and The Source, among other publications. His column appears weekly in Electronic Urban Report ( He lives in Los Angeles, California.




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