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The Forever Bride

The Forever Bride

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In her delectable tales of romance sprinkled with enchanting humor and magic, Judith O'Brien "just keeps giving readers what they want" (Romantic Times). Now this wonderful storyteller steps into turn-of-the-century New York and sends a feisty heroine on an adventure of psychic thrills and earthly passions....

Celia Thomason is desperate to rescue her family from financial disaster. But having rejected a string of suitors, and with no intention of ever marrying, she must look to her own talents to secure her future. With an ingenuity she had no idea she possessed, Celia capitalizes on a timely trend, and sets up in business as a medium to the spirit world. Her counterfeit seances are meant to heal the broken-hearted; she never dreamed she would be called upon by shipping magnate Brendan O'Neal, a brusque Irish businessman who seeks her services. Or that the channeling session he's paid thousands for would attract the very real ghost of his beloved sister, Amanda.

Neither skeptical Brendan, nor Celia, the reluctant medium, has the faintest idea how to respond to this glimpse into "the other side." But Amanda's appearance is only the beginning. Setting out to unravel the spiraling secrets behind Amanda's death, Brendan and Celia find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. Now, as they fall headlong into a perilous situation that threatens their very lives, they discover the key to the greatest and most timeless mystery of all: true and eternal love.
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  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451677676 | 
  • December 2011
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Chapter One

New York City, 1849

They closed the window curtains and waited for the ghost to arrive.

"Are you prepared to see your husband now?"

The widow nodded once, twisting her thin silver wedding band. "I do not know what to say," she whispered, and then smiled just a little. "We were married for eight years, and now I do not know what to say."

Celia Thomason placed her hand on the young widow's wrist. "I understand, Mrs. Jenson. But your husband will be the same man, maintain the same character as he did before his passing. You needn't be shy."

"Don't people get better?" She cleared her throat... see more

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