From the Mouth of the Monster

From the Mouth of the Monster

The Joel Rifkin Story

They met in college twenty years ago.
One became a decorated NYPD officer and a journalist.
The other became New York's most notorious serial killer.

This is the riveting true story of Joel Rifkin -- the Long Islander convicted of savagely murdering seventeen young women -- as told by Rifkin to Robert Mladinich. The two met as journalism students on assignment together in 1979; more than two decades later, the NYPD detective visited Rifkin in prison to examine what both had made of their lives.
In a chilling series of exchanges, Rifkin bared his soul to Mladinich, chronicling his lost years: the missed opportunities, the failed relationships, and the terrible details behind his killings. But Mladinich probed deeper, forcing Rifkin to confront the horrifying nature of his crimes.
Drawn from interviews with Rifkin and his mother, and conversations with acquaintances and professionals who encountered him, From The Mouth Of The Monster is an exacting true-crime portrayal and a chilling study of the possible evil within us all.
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  • 304 pages | 
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  • February 2002
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Chapter One

When Jeanne Granelles met Bernard Rifkin in the late forties, she was already considered advanced by the standards of the day. While most of her childhood friends settled for a conventional life of domesticity, she had pursued a college education. After meeting her husband, whom everyone called Ben, she accompanied him to Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, which is now called Oklahoma State University. Jeanne took graduate courses in education and eventually taught an art class there. Ben received a degree in architectural engineering.

Both of them were native New Yorkers, which is where they settled after... see more

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