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Furious Jones and the Assassin's Secret

Furious Jones and the Assassin's Secret

For Ages: 8 - 12
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When his dad’s book turns out to contain deadly secrets, twelve-year-old Furious Jones is thrust into a web of mystery and danger in this gripping page-turner.

Furious Jones, the twelve-year-old son of a famous thriller writer, lives with his grandfather after his mother was mysteriously gunned down right in front of him a year ago. Curious to know more about his estranged dad, he goes to see him speak about his upcoming novel to a packed audience—and to his shock and horror, he witnesses his father get shot as well.

When Furious discovers that his dad’s upcoming novel contains dangerous and fiercely protected secrets, he sets out to discover who killed his father, and what exactly they were trying to cover up.

Ideal for fans of Alex Rider and Theodore Boone, the action-packed exploits of Furious Jones are as thrilling as they are intriguing. Can Furious unravel this literary mystery before the death toll rises?
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  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442473379 | 
  • April 2014 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7
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Furious Jones and the Assassin’s Secret CHAPTER ONE
My hair fell over my eyes as I crossed against the light on Fifth Avenue. I should’ve gotten a haircut. It would be the first thing out of my dad’s mouth. I hadn’t seen my dad since my mom’s funeral, seven months ago, and I just knew we were going to argue about my hair. I could hear him already. He would go on and on about appearances and respect and all that other crap. He would use that Marine-Corps-drill-sergeant voice. He would make it clear that he was the world-famous... see more



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