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Game Over

Game Over

Cas Perry wants nothing to do with love -- her dad walking out on her mother was quite enough romantic drama, thank you very much. And why should she bother with relationships when she can manipulate just about any man for sex? The steely-hearted TV producer plays with other people's love lives and orchestrates unscripted fireworks on the edgy reality show Sex with an Ex -- a ratings blockbuster that is sending her already-hot career skyrocketing.
Now, the woman who has all the answers meets the man who, for the first time, poses questions other than "buy you a drink?". Stunningly handsome Darren would be a sensation on Sex with an Ex -- and Cas needs him to ensure the show's success. So why is she wining and dining the sexiest man she's ever met -- and talking about family values, marriage, and fidelity? Darren's principles are changing the rules of attraction. And this may be one game Cas won't mind losing....
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743457613 | 
  • March 2004
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Chapter One

What an inauspicious start to married life," Josh comments.

"Is there such a thing as an auspicious start?" I ask. He grins at me and Issie scowls. She likes weddings. The rain is falling so hard it's bouncing off the pavements and up my skirt. I'm bloody cold and wish the bride would stop hugging her mother and simply get in the car. I look closer. Maybe she isn't so much hugging as clinging. Maybe the seriousness of what she's done has hit her and she's having second thoughts. Issie shakes the remnants of confetti from the blue box but misses the bride and groom. The confetti settles on the grubby road. The... see more

About the Author

Adele Parks
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Adele Parks

Adele Parks is the author of the London Times bestsellers Playing Away, Larger Than Life, and Game Over. She lives in London with her son.
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