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Games People Play

Games People Play

180 party games to keep your party hopping
This big book of 180 party games and as many variations, ranging from the intellectual to the rowdy (even risqué) puts the fun back into parties. Games People Play is full of word games, drawing games, knowledge games, memory games, and trivia games. Pick and choose to host your perfect party. For example, design a party around music, romance, food, sports, and culture. All in all, Games People Play has more games and ideas than you'll find in any other party game book. For example:
  • Play a reporter (guests create juicy tabloid headlines).
  • Play a baby (guests taste test baby foods).
  • Play an author (guests create romance or suspense novels).
  • Play the sexes against one another (guests play a "Civil War" game between men and women).
  • Play your luck (guests use a lottery to predict another guest's behavior).
  • Play out the scene of a crime (guests hold a murder mystery).
  • Play a snob (guests play movie or culture critics).
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  • Meadowbrook | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671580018 | 
  • February 1998
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