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Gay Stars

Gay Stars

The Ultimate Gay Guy's Guide to Astrology

The Stars Are Out!
Why have so many Geminis become famous gay authors? What makes Aries actresses some of our favorite bitchy role models? More important, how can you seduce that aloof but oh-so-yummy Aquarius waiter at the local café? Open up Gay Stars and explore these mysteries among the stars.
Showcasing the gay characters and stories that the Zodiac features every night in The Great Cosmic Soap Opera, Gay Stars includes in-depth character sketches illustrating every sun sign, as well as practical insights and advice on using astrology to improve those aspects of life that most concern gay men -- like sex, relationships, and spiritual growth. Sprinkled throughout are quotes and portraits of gay icons and heroes, providing entertaining and inspiring examples of astrology at work. Gay Stars is your star-studded tour through the fabulous universe of gay culture.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684866079 | 
  • July 2000
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In the Beginning, There Was a Poof!

A long time ago, in a galaxy very, very nearby, a runaway meteor crashed into a small planet. Poof! In a cloud of smoke and gas, the meteor sprinkled the oceans with organic molecules, the stuff that life is made of. Pretty soon, over the next few billion years, the planet was hopping with amoebas and jellyfish, penguins and elephants, Neandethals and disco queens.

If scientists are right -- if life's original ingredients came here on a star-sprinkled meteor -- that makes all of us intergalactic hitchhikers. Gypsies from outer space. A whole planet of disoriented... see more

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