The Geek Handbook

The Geek Handbook

User Guide and Documentation for the Geek in Your Life

He has reached every level of Myst. Her room is littered with soda cans. He idolizes Data from Star Trek®. But all your favorite geek really wants is to be understood....
Whether you're friends with a geek, work with one, love one, or hate one, The Geek Handbook provides handy instructions for analyzing and understanding all things geek, including:
How Your Geek Relates to Others
Geek organizations and gathering spots
Getting Your Geek to Exercise
Klingon™ martial arts as workout strategy
The Geek Diet
Soda, pizza, and other geek food groups; how to help your geek thrive
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 128 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743417761 | 
  • March 2001
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Chapter 1: Getting Started

1.1 The Conventions Used in This Handbook

The subtitle of this book is User Guide and Documentation for the Geek in Your Life. The term "user" is an artifact from other manuals of this type. Of course you don't want to think about "using" your geek, and "owning" or "operating" your geek doesn't sound much better. Geeks, more than anyone else, are their own people. A geek cannot be purchased, leased, or rented, although time-sharing is an option. Geeks are not available on the stock market (their companies are). When The Geek Handbook speaks of owners, it refers to anyone who has a... see more

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