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The Genie Scheme

The Genie Scheme

For Ages: 8 - 12
When Janna buys a warm winter hat for a bag lady, she expects nothing in return. Imagine her surprise when the bag lady turns out to be a genie! Now Janna is the genie’s master, and she couldn’t be happier, especially when she finds out that the "three wishes" rule is strictly for fairy tales. It turns out wishes are unlimited, and Janna can have whatever she wants. There is a catch though: Genies can’t make something out of nothing, so everything Janna gets comes from somebody else. Bummer. Plus there’s a limited amount of genie wattage, and Janna’s burning it up fast. What’s a greedy girl to do? Be careful what she wishes for…
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  • Margaret K. McElderry Books | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442403048 | 
  • June 2010 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7 | 
  • Lexile 730
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About the Author

Kimberly K. Jones
Photograph courtesy of the author

Author Revealed

Kimberly K. Jones
Q. how did you come to write The Genie Scheme?

A. My kids were at an age where materialism seemed to get really competitive (the clothes labels, the expensive camps, the birthday party bashes) and I wanted to write a story about someone who could have everything they wanted, the point being, of course, that things don't make you happy. I didn't want it to be too preachy, and I wanted to have fun writing it (and I did have a great deal of fun).

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