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Geometric Origami Mini Kit

Geometric Origami Mini Kit

Folded Paper Fun for Kids & Adults [Boxed Kit with 48 Folding Papers, Full-Color Book & step-by-step DVD]

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Made from a number of small sheets of folded paper, 3D modular origami models represent an exciting evolution in this beloved art form. Although each design requires multiple sheets of paper, the folding required is relatively simple, making it a perfect craft activity to share with children. The real magic lies in the ingenious but simple locks that fit the pieces together to create interchangeable origami puzzles. Because the same elements can be used over and over to create new shapes, they are a fun and effective way to teach kids the wonders of geometry.

The five fascinating models in Geometric Origami Mini Kit are:
  • The Harlequin Cube
  • The Chevron Pinwheel
  • The Dazzle Star
  • Hedgehog Dado
  • Stellated Octahedron
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  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 32 pages | 
  • ISBN 9784805312810 | 
  • November 2014
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Ships on or around November 25, 2014

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