Getting It Right

Getting It Right

How Working Mothers Successfully Take Up the Challenge of Life, Family, and Career

Career or motherhood? Do you have to sacrifice one to be truly successful in the other? And if you're trying to do both, will you have to compromise your career path or your child's needs? Is "having it all" even realistic, or just plain fantasy?
Leading Stanford University psychologist Dr. Laraine Zappert draws upon her twenty years of clinical and research experience to answer these questions and create a road map of innovative solutions. Through her findings from a landmark study of more than three hundred female graduates of Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Dr. Zappert addresses such critical concerns as:
  • choosing between career and family

  • handling the job stress and the demands of parenting

  • the best time to have children -- and what effect they'll have on a career

  • keeping relationships healthy

  • feeling confident about the decision to tackle the challenges of home and work.
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  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671041816 | 
  • March 2002
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Chapter One: The Stanford Survey

A common assumption among psychologists is that we all research our own neuroses, and I clearly am no exception. Since the 1980s at Stanford, the primary focus of both my clinical and research work has been the stresses inherent in the lives of working women. No big surprise -- I knew those stresses intimately. It was apparent to me early in my professional training that integrating a successful career with a successful family life was going to be a significant challenge -- one at which I was seriously disadvantaged by the lack of relevant advice and counsel available to those of us contemplating this... see more

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Laraine T. Zappert
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