Ghosts of the Nile

Ghosts of the Nile

Illustrated by: Cheryl Harness
For Ages: 7 - 10
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Zachary expects to be bored completely when he is forced to join his parents and his eccentric great-aunt on a visit to a museum exhibit about ancient Egypt. But Great-Aunt Allie, who is fascinated by how Egypt once was, soon strays from the group and enters a door marked STAFF ONLY. DO NOT ENTER. When Zachary goes to look for her, his day gets more interesting -- he and his great-aunt have somehow traveled back in time!
Guided by a talking cat named Khi, Zachary and his great-aunt embark on an exciting journey through ancient Egypt. Khi's knowledge of the ancient pyramids' construction, immense size, and purpose captivates Zachary. He learns about Imhotep, the first man to design a pyramid, as a tomb for King Djoser. Khi shows him how a pyramid is built and tells him of ancient Egypt's great pharaohs, like King Tut and Ramses the Great. Zachary learns about the elaborate process of mummification and sees the legendary Cleopatra. He even takes a boat ride on the Nile River! Visits to temples, a lesson in hieroglyphics, and the firsthand experience of the thriving civilization, dangerous wildlife, and rich culture of ancient Egypt -- Zachary's day is suddenly filled with more excitement than he ever thought possible.
With intricate diagrams, a list and description of ancient Egyptian gods, and an "Egyptionary," Ghosts of the Nile is not only fun and adventurous, but also educational for both Zachary and readers alike. Complemented by rich, colorful illustrations, this book brings the mysterious ancient Egypt to life.
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  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | 
  • 32 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442422001 | 
  • October 2010 | 
  • Grades 2 - 5
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About the Author

Cheryl Harness
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Cheryl Harness

Cheryl Harness is an author-illustrator, speaker, sometime sculptor, and harmonica player. She has created many acclaimed historical picture books, including Ghosts of the Civil War, Ghosts of the White House, Ghosts of the 20th Century, Mark Twain and the Queens of the Mississippi, and Three Young Pilgrims. She lives in Independence, Missouri, with her Scottie, Maude, and her cats, Irene and Merrie Emma.




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