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Gift of Fatherhood

Gift of Fatherhood

How Men's Live are Transformed by Their Children

Making the Most of the Opportunity of Your Lifetime...
Fatherhood will give you some of the greatest challenges -- and the greatest opportunities -- you will ever lace. Along with the pleasure your children can bring, you'll encounter new demands and situations that will help you to change and grow as a person.
Parenting gives you an unparalleled chance to develop new skills and capabilities. From generosity to patience, from sensitivity to communication -- the lessons that you learn can help you feel happier and more fulfilled at home, on the job, in your marriage, and as a person.
The Girl of Fatherhood emphasizes the rewards of fatherhood and offers expert, proven advice you can use to manage the many roles you're asked to play: father, husband, provider, teacher, and disciplinarian.
Author Aaron Hass includes tips on adjusting to the changes that having children creates in a marriage, understanding the importance of clear communication within the family, learning how to discipline without anger, and learning how to really value and enjoy the time you spend with your children. He also includes special advice for divorced dads and stepfathers.
Fatherhood can be the experience of a lifetime, and The Gift of Fatherhood will help you get the most out of your parenting experience.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671875824 | 
  • June 1994
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The Twelve Obstacles to Fathering

(and How to Overcome Them)

Make a commitment.

I will be the father I would have liked to have had.

The wisdom you have gained through years of experience allows you to evaluate your own childhood. Think about what you missed in your relationship with your father. Do some of the following come to mind?

I wish he had spent more time with me.

I wish he had talked more with me.

I wish he had asked more about my feelings.

I wish he had told me he loved me.

I wish he had been more interested in me.

I... see more

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