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Girl Meets Ghost

Girl Meets Ghost

(Book #1 of Girl Meets Ghost)
For Ages: 9 - 14
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A tween girl becomes a reluctant medium in this start to a hilariously haunting series.

Kendall Williams sees dead people. Not only can she see them, she can speak to them…and they can speak to her. It’s that last little detail that really causes all kinds of problems. The dead don’t have much in the way of boundaries, and they tend to pop up whenever—and wherever—they please. They want Kendall to help them move on by resolving any remaining issues from when they were alive. Unfortunately, they’re not too great at explaining what those issues might be, so Kendall has to become a sort of psychic sleuth and figure it out for them.

This time around, there’s a really annoying blonde gymnast who can’t stop popping up at the worst moments and demanding that Kendall help her.

If Kendall doesn’t want people to think she’s crazy and always talking to herself, she’ll have to get busy and get rid of this perky pest. Then she can go back to crushing on the cute boy in her math class. And that’s a whole other problem…
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442421462 | 
  • August 2013 | 
  • Grades 4 - 9
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You know how sometimes you’re doing something totally important, like picking out the perfect Stila lip gloss, or staring at the back of Brandon Dunham’s neck during math (trust me, he has a very cute neck), and you get interrupted by something horribly annoying, like an unwanted text message or a teacher calling on you? Yeah, welcome to my world. Only, a lot of the time it’s not my phone or a teacher interrupting me. A lot of the time it’s a ghost. I see them. I listen to them. And then I do whatever they tell me so that they can get closure and move on to wherever it is ghosts go.
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