Girl Wars

Girl Wars

12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying

Stop the Hurting
Mary Pipher's bestselling Reviving Ophelia triggered widespread interest in the culture of preteen and teenage girls and the seeming epidemic of relational aggression (bullying) among them. Gossip, teasing, forming cliques, and other cruel behaviors are the basis of this bullying, which harms both victim and aggressor. Until now, no one has been able to offer practical and effective solutions that stop girls from hurting each other with words and actions. But in Girl Wars, two experts explain not only how to prevent such behavior but also how to intervene should it happen, as well as overcome the culture that breeds it.
Illustrated by compelling true stories from mothers and girls, the authors offer effective, easy-to-implement strategies that range from preventive to prescriptive, such as how to
  • Adopt a "help, don't hurt" strategy
  • Provide positive role models
  • Teach communication skills online and off
  • Stress assertiveness, not aggressiveness
  • Learn conflict resolution skills
  • Identify alternatives to bullying behavior

With their combined experience in offering and evaluating programs that combat bullying, the authors show that girls not only want to help rather than hurt each other, they can do so with guidance from concerned adults.
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  • August 2003
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