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Golden & Grey: A Good Day for Haunting

Golden & Grey: A Good Day for Haunting

For Ages: 8 - 12
After his triumph over a ghost collector and a doctor who does no good, Tom Golden thinks life is finally...well, golden. Grey Arthur and his ghostly crew have happily settled into their roles as Invisible Friends while Tom has made a new human friend with Pick-Nose Pete.

But when one friendly ghost is overly enthusiastic about his duties, the TV show Exceedingly Haunted Homes of England is called in to investigate. A hysterical fear of ghosts takes over the school, and the Invisible Friends are glad that they witness the chaos unheard and unseen. Too bad that the same cannot be said for the ghosts in the world beyond.

The disappearance of the Crown Jewels in a rather Poltergeist-like manner is trouble enough, but a frightening specter caught on film and a knight seen charging through streets and pedestrians spell trouble. Restoration of the peace between the ghostly and human realms may be too much for one boy to handle, but Tom hopes that the help of Grey Arthur and the Invisible Friends may be just what he needs to track down the cause of this supernatural chaos.

In this third installment to the Golden & Grey series, Louise Arnold takes the reader on an exciting adventure full of Laundry Runs, ancient castles, and the ever dark and dangerous woods.
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  • Margaret K. McElderry Books | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416908647 | 
  • September 2009 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7 | 
  • Lexile 1000
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When Things Go Wrong

YOU KNOW HOW SOME PEOPLE ARE UTTERLY PROFICIENT liars? People who can cheat at board games and still look the picture of innocence; people who can tell you that their parents are spies, or space explorers, or criminal masterminds and you believe every mind-boggling detail; people who can convince you that the word derrière is French for hungry, and have you spend an entire school trip to Paris telling bemused café owners that you are bum; people who never blush, who never look shifty, or stammer nervously, dry-mouthed, as they evade the truth? People who can lie as easily as they... see more
In Good Spirits

TIME HAD HURTLED ON RELENTLESSLY FROM THE MOMENT Grey Arthur had established his very own Ghost School, and the colors of England dutifully changed to fit in. Bright oranges, rich reds, and pale yellows seeped into the leaves on the trees, a final shout of defiance against the monochrome winter that lay ahead, and then chilling winds came that stripped everything back down to bare branches. The blue of the sky faded reluctantly to a washy grey. White frost decorated the grass, made clothes left on the line rigid with cold, and encased cars, triggering the merry morning ritual of hot water and deicer. Time crept on,... see more
In Short Supply

AS BLEAK WINTER DAYS GO, IT WAS ONE OF THE BLEAKEST. Ice etched ornate patterns on the outside of the Science room windows, and the view of the sky outside was every bit as grey as the concrete school it hung above. White flecks of snow swirled on the wind and gathered in miniature drifts on the windowsill. Mrs. Wilson, hunched behind her desk, shivered, and the breath she blew on her hands to warm them was visible like smoke. Everyone else was long gone, back to their heated homes, their welcoming lounges, the beckoning soaps on telly, but she’d stayed on, weighed down by paperwork, marking, lesson plans, and... see more
Breaking the News

“SURELY HE MUST HAVE REALIZED SOMETHING WAS wrong when he had to move the cup for the third time?” howled Tom as he paced his bedroom.

“Oh, don’t be too hard on him, Tom. He thought he was being helpful,” explained Arthur. “To be fair, we’re all quite new to being Invisible Friends, so mistakes will happen.”

Tom stopped pacing and leaned against the wall, looking concerned. It was perhaps unfortunate that he had chosen to rest right in front of his wall of memories, where souvenirs, postcards, mementos, and assorted nostalgia gathered, because his... see more

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Louise Arnold
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Louise Arnold

Louise Arnold wrote her first poem (about the adventures of cheese-eating bees) at the age of four, and her love of writing was born. She graduated with a degree in drama from University of Kent in Canterbury, England, where she now resides.




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