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A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

A Drug-Free Solution

How to overcome insomnia with visualization, breathwork, and meditation

•    Presents mental and physical exercises to quiet mental chatter, visualizations to prepare for sleep, and deep breathing and mindfulness meditation techniques

•    Explains how to establish and analyze a sleep diary and how to retrain the body to sleep solidly

•    Includes a 65-minute audio CD of guided visualizations and relaxation techniques

In A Good Night’s Sleep, Jan Sadler teaches the skills needed to break the patterns and frustration of insomnia. She explains how to overcome stress and restlessness through meditation and deep diaphragmatic breathing, how to prepare for sleep through positive visualization, and how to quiet mental chatter with awareness and physical techniques such as the “Stop/Cancel/Change” and “Shakeout” exercises.

Sadler addresses how to reduce dependence on sleeping pills, determine the amount of sleep you truly need, and, most important, how to retrain yourself to sleep soundly. She provides a two-week sleep diary and shows step-by-step how to identify and analyze any underlying daytime and pre-bedtime habits that can disturb sleep. In addition, the accompanying 65-minute audio CD presents six relaxation and visualization techniques, including Sadler’s “Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine,” a 20-minute guided relaxation practice designed to ease one into a deep and peaceful sleep. By revealing the keys to quality, drug-free sleep, A Good Night’s Sleep enables you to reclaim control of your sleep cycle and your life.
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  • Healing Arts Press | 
  • 128 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781594772344 | 
  • August 2008
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Techniques to Enrich Your Life

There are some very simple ways in which you can enrich your life and, in so doing, increase your sleep potential. When your inner self is at peace and happy with the way you are it has no need to disturb your nights in an attempt to receive attention for its needs and wants. The thoughts you think have a direct influence on the way you feel and act. The reverse is also true, the way you use your body influences your thoughts and feelings. Try this quick experiment for yourself:

Take a moment to make a mental note of your current feelings and thoughts.
Now let your...
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About the Author

Jan Sadler

Jan Sadler is author and coordinator of the highly successful PainSupport website ( and the author of Pain Relief without Drugs, Peaceful Sleep and The Five Feel-Good Factors. Her pain management programs have been adopted by pain and stress management clinics in hospitals and by support groups throughout the world. She lives in England.




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