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The Good and the Ghastly

The Good and the Ghastly

A Novel

It’s the thirty-fourth century and the nuclear apocalypse has come and gone. Civilization has rebuilt itself, and the results are eerily similar to the early part of the twenty-first century. But there are a few notable differences. Visa owns everything. Deer are the most common domesticated animal. And misinterpretations of preapocalyptic history run amuck (e.g., Sarah Palin established the theory of natural selection). But what hasn’t changed is the nature of good and evil.

The Good and the Ghastly centers on two people linked through violence. Mobster Junior Alvarez has risen from street thug to criminal overlord. He will go to incredible lengths to get what he wants—and he desires to live however he pleases, without compromise. The intensity of his quest is matched only by that of the mother of one of Alvarez’s first victims. She has gone vigilante and is hunting down mobsters. The two are prepared to go to the ends of the earth to manifest their wills—one good, one ghastly, both ruthless.

A wild satire of our own society, The Good and the Ghastly is a visceral novel informed by Boice’s unnerving sense of reality and pathology. It is also an honest, old-fashioned good-versus-evil story—with a twist of modern-day madness.
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  • Scribner | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416575450 | 
  • June 2014
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Official trailer for THE GOOD AND THE GHASTLY: A NOVEL by James Boice. Coming June 14, 2011 from Scribner.

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I get my belongings from the desk in the discharge office. They give me the ratty clothes I was wearing the day they brought me in, all in plastic bags, one for each garment, even one for my underwear, all of them then placed into another, bigger plastic bag. Then they put me in the bathroom, tell me to get dressed. You gotta be shitting me. I tell the guard who brought me into the bathroom to wait hold on just a sec. While he watches impassively arms crossed I dump the big plastic bag full of little bags onto the tiled bathroom floor. I take each garment out of its nice labeled little bag.

Okay, Junior, I... see more

About the Author

James Boice
Photo Credit: Michael Turek

James Boice

James Boice was born in California in 1982, raised in northern Virginia, and currently lives near Boston. He was featured in the McSweeney's New Writers Issue in 2003. His work has also appeared in Fiction, Like Water Burning, and The Shore, among other publications. MVP is his first novel. An excerpt appeared in Esquire, which deemed him the "New Voice" and his work "A Story Unlike Anything You've Read Before."




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