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The Greater Good

The Greater Good

A Thriller

A high-velocity political thriller from a gifted first-time novelist follows the hunt for a videotape that terrifyingly reveals Washington's deadliest secret: the shocking identity of the vice president's assassin.
First, there is the bullet -- the bullet fired from the rifle of one of the world's most elusive assassins. Second, there is the body -- the body of the vice president of the United States. Finally, there is the secret, a secret poised to wreak chaos so potent as to bring the highest powers of government to their knees. Welcome to the high-stakes world of The Greater Good, a heart-pounding, lightning-paced suspense novel that boldly marks the arrival of a singular new writing talent, Casey Moreton.
Hours before an assassin's bullet rips through his bedroom window, Vice President James Ettinger makes an explosive confession on videotape. When the smoke clears in the aftermath of the assassination, the tape has vanished. And the race is on. From the dizzying heights of Washington insider power to the subterranean realm of win-at-all-costs political maneuvering, the quest to find the mysterious videotape snatches readers up in a relentless whirlwind of espionage, brutal policy warfare, and the intricate machinations of no-holds-barred power brokering.
Only one thing is clear: those responsible for Ettinger's death will stop at nothing to make sure his final words are never heard.
Putting his crew of engaging, multidimensional characters through their paces as they negotiate a treacherous political maze, novelist Casey Moreton proves himself a natural storyteller with seemingly unlimited surprises up his sleeve.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 464 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451631821 | 
  • November 2012
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Chapter 1

If he didn't get out now, he'd never forgive himself. He was fifty-five, but after nearly six years in office, fifty-five felt like seventy. He had become a cliché, a caricature of the burned-out politician. In the beginning -- before three terms in the Senate, and long before the title of Vice President had soured on him -- politics had meant something. Something pure, maybe. Something noble.

If he didn't get out now, he might not have the strength to try again. These days his hairline receded by the minute. A face that had for decades been his calling card, lately only revealed the rigors of this job. His once... see more

About the Author

Casey Moreton
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Casey Moreton

Casey Moreton lives with his wife, Kari, in Rogers, Arkansas. This is his first novel.




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