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The Grind Don't Stop

The Grind Don't Stop

A Novel

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From the upper echelons to the underbelly of the Dirty South, five kindred spirits are linked by love and devotion—and crime.

The glitter and glitz of Atlanta is on full display in this exciting whodunit about a dedicated police officer with a secret: her lover is a street hustler who runs the city with his gang of pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes.

Readers couldn’t get enough of crime kingpin Sparkle and his friends in L. E. Newell’s Durty South Grind, and now they’re back and facing down their bitter rivals, the Black Don. As they navigate a maze of deceit and mischief, Police Chief Beverly Johnson must balance her passion for her work with an unbridled love for her lifelong friends.
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  • Strebor Books | 
  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781593093655 | 
  • December 2013
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As The Hood Turns

The persistent staticky racket on the police band was really starting to get on Beverly’s last nerves as she spun around the corner in pursuit.

In pursuit of what, who? Her thoughts were twisted in a whirlwind of scenarios. Am I following Lt. Woo because Woo and her squad of police hoodlums were trying to bust one of her boys? Or am I chasing Rainbow to see if he’ll lead me to that bastard Sparkle? Does he or Rainbow know or have a hint of who took out old man OJ? Or if the hit was actually meant for him instead?

Woo was such a valuable... see more

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An intimate and revealing look at kindred spirits forever linked through love and devotion, even as they travel through a maze of deceit and mischief.
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