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Grow Your Own Flesh-Eating Plants!

Grow Your Own Flesh-Eating Plants!

Everything You Need for the Care & Feeding of Your Venus Fly Trap

For Ages: 10 and up
This kit contains everything you need to start your own garden of insect devouring plants: Approximately 20 seeds, seed starter, mini terrarium, and full-color manual.

This awesome kit contains everything you need to grow your own Dionaea muscipula, otherwise known as the Venus Fly Trap. The book includes photos of the plant along with other carnivorous plants as well as simple step-by-step instructions for the care and feeding of your plants.
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  • Applesauce Press | 
  • 64 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604332230 | 
  • March 2012
List Price $18.95
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