Guardians of the Celtic Way

Guardians of the Celtic Way

The Path to Arthurian Fulfillment

Foreword by: Richard Gerber
A channeled overview of the Celtic path of Arthurian fulfillment, a vision of personal and planetary transformation

• Gives a detailed explanation and overview of the kingdoms of nature and the devic forces that comprise the Divine Mother's kingdom on Earth

• Explains the Celtic calendar and the primary natural forms--animal, stone, tree, flower, plant, and bird--that are activated during the 16-month lunar cycle of emotional growth

According to the Celtic Way, all spirit forces and forms of nature are here to teach and support every individual in attaining his or her full wisdom status. In this way Earth can become a land of beloveds who have fully embodied the laws of love in sacred partnerships, each individual cocreating with the divine. This is the Arthurian fulfillment. It is only through meeting our innermost fears--our shadows and dragons--and transforming them into love that we may emerge as divine humans empowered to lift the entire planet closer to this sacred vision of the peaceable kingdom restored.

Instructed by the guardians of the Other World, trees, animals, and other Earth spirits, Celtic scholar Jill Kelly outlines the cosmology of Celtic mysticism that orders the Divine Mother's kingdom on Earth and that calls humanity to awaken to its sacred potential. Guardians of the Celtic Way describes the 142 planes of the soul's descent into the separation from the One, explains the Celtic calendar and how the forces of nature interact with earthly cycles to assist us in bringing about spiritual fulfillment, and gently calls us to follow the Celtic path of ascension and establish Heaven on Earth. 
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  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781591430070 | 
  • April 2003
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from the Introduction

The Arthurian legends have always held me in a fascination. As a child I wrapped up in my silver-blue satin puff and imagined a prince who would come and take me away to love me forever. That was a dream I know now was meant to come true, for myself and for everyone on this planet. I have always had a wonder of Celtic ways as well, the lore and divination, the fine details of archeological research, the ancient stone barrows and circles that held secrets I could sense, but could not reach. I had no idea at the outset how my path of experience and inner teachings would turn the old written druid lessons inside out... see more

About the Author

Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist. She is the author of The Golden Fairy and The Lost Star Children of Ur and was creator of the radio series, The Cycle of Darkness is Over. She is the founder and director of the Homestar School in Oakland, Michigan, where she currently resides.




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