Habit 4 Think Win-Win

Habit 4 Think Win-Win

The Habit of Mutual Benefit

Habit 4: Win-Win. Win-Win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mututal benefit in all human interactions. By truly living this habit, organizations, corporations, and families are infinitely more preprared to break through old barriers and achieve new heights of success.
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  • ISBN 9781442350922 | 
  • January 2012
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About the Author

Stephen R. Covey
Glen Ricks

Stephen R. Covey

Recognized as one of Time magazine’s twenty-five most influential Americans, Stephen R. Covey (1932–2012) was an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant, and author. His books have sold more than 25 million copies in thirty-eight languages, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century. After receiving an MBA from Harvard and a doctorate degree from Brigham Young University, he became the cofounder and vice chairman of FranklinCovey, the leading global professional services firm.




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