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When prim deportment teacher Edwina Huntington finds herself co-owner of a warehouse with rugged sportsman Tom Wolcott, togetherness in Harmony, Montana, is anything but. And as soon as they discover that they clash more than their choices of paint color -- lemon yellow and slaughter red -- sparks fly in every shade. Edwina wants to educate women on the ceremonies of society, as preparation for marriage -- though she's resigned to spinsterhood. Tom hasn't thought much about matrimony one way or the other -- his world of big guns and big grizzlies has kept him plenty occupied -- until now.

Equally fierce-willed, Edwina and Tom square off for a showdown. But they're both helpless in the face of the powerful attraction that explodes between them, and soon the battle of the sexes rages in a new direction...true love.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451614053 | 
  • July 2010
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Chapter One

As Tom Wolcott rode his piebald into Harmony, a party of six exhausted but satisfied men fell in behind him on plodding horses. Their duckcloth hunting suits, spanking new a week ago, now bore smatterings of mud, dung, and blood. But they'd gotten their great outdoors thrill in Montana, having bagged between them two elks, a cougar, and a half-dozen hares.

Cutting across Main Street toward Hess's Livery, Tom spied Shay Dufresne lounging in the sunlit double-wide doorway. Seeing his old friend and new partner, Tom sat taller in the saddle and his mood lightened. They'd known each other since boyhood, having grown up in... see more

About the Author

Stef Ann Holm

Stef Ann Holm lives in Meridian Idaho, a small suburb of Boise. She has two beautiful daughters, and one space cadet dog who will stare for hours at any food substance. She loves hot summers, sunshine and floating in water--even if it's a plastic pool in her backyard. Visit her website at to read more about her fascinating (hah hah) life. Or you can write her the old-fashioned way at P.O. Box 1206, Meridian, ID 83680-1206




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