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Head Scratchers Trivia

Head Scratchers Trivia

708 Numb - Your - Noggin Questions That'll Stump Ya!

For Ages: 8 and up
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This digest-sized trivia book contains over 500 numb-your-noggin questions that will surely stump even the smartest of trivia champs! Split up into 8 categories ranging from television, film and music to animals, comics and sports, this fascinating, compact book is perfect for tossing into the backpack for car rides, recess and sharing with friends!

What city is considered the biggest consumer of Slurpees? Which country added the joker to the playing card deck? How many vertebraea are in a giraffe’s neck? You’ll find over 500 endlessly entertaining questions like these in this digest-sized trivia book that makes a perfect companion for car rides, waiting rooms, or when Mom has the tv remote. You’ll even stump your friends and family with these fascinating questions varying in topics such as sports, movies, comics, animals, games and more! The intriguing trivia will keep you turning the page for hours, filling your mind with dozens of mind-blowing factoids.
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  • Applesauce Press | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604333404 | 
  • July 2013
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