Heaven on Earth

15-Minute Miracles to Change the World

Heaven on Earth

Read by: Danny Seo
How many times have you wished you could make a difference? How often have you watched the news and wondered how you could help? How many times have you wished you could do more? You can do more, and make a big difference -- in as little as fifteen minutes a day. And Danny Seo shows you how, in his extraordinary Heaven On Earth.
Danny Seo is the remarkable young entrepreneur of altruism, the twenty-one-year-old recently honored with the 1998 "Oprah's Angel Network™ Award." Now he offers inspiration and practical advice for anyone who wants to join him in finding personal fulfillment -- while having fun and meeting wonderful people -- by committing oneself to making a positive difference in the lives of others.
By focusing on activities that we can tackle after work, on weekends, or in just fifteen minutes a day, Heaven On Earth is a blueprint that people with various talents and backgrounds can follow to benefit their communities in the greatest way possible. At the heart of Seo's approach are his 10 Rules of Angel Power. Among them are:
  • One plus one equals three. A pool of talents can add up to an ocean of good.
  • Double your pleasure, double your funds. The most effective ways of raising money are usually the most creative ways -- and the most fun.
  • U.B.U. (You Be You). If your instincts tell you that a particular project or idea is wrong for you, go with your gut and search out something more inspiring. Everyone will benefit.

The record of philanthropic achievement that has earned Seo such recognition began when he served as the CEO of Earth 2000 National. At the age of twelve, Seo transformed his neighborhood club into an energized 25,000-member corporation, leading dynamic campaigns for the protection of biodiversity and animals.
Danny Seo is an extraordinary young man, but the irony is that just about all of his achievements, taken individually, are within our power to accomplish, too. Heaven On Earth is a motivational book that enables us to feel good about ourselves by encouraging us to do good for others.
  • Simon & Schuster Audio | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743548205 | 
  • May 1999
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