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Hidden Secrets, Hidden Lives

Hidden Secrets, Hidden Lives

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If we live long enough, eventually our past will catch up to us.

After escaping a life of running dope by moving to a new city to attend college, Travis Moore has succeeded in hiding the secrets of his life. Now, twelve years later, he believes that he can return to the city of his youth without facing his past. Travis is making peace with his past by putting in an honest day’s work and mentoring young men that are at risk of traveling the negative past that he once traveled. Jarquis “Baby Jar” Love is teetering on that path and unknowingly becomes the bridge to the life Travis Moore was leaving behind.

On the other side of the bridge is Kwame “Bone” Brown. All those years ago, he was running side by side with Travis until he took the fall to protect his boy. When Bone gets back in the game, he is alone and abandoned by Travis. Bone builds his own private world where he manipulates all the moving pieces and is motivated by revenge. Kwame is set to expose Travis’ past, which is much deeper than the dope game and uses Baby Jar as a pawn to rob Travis of his life.

Travis Moore is on a collision course with the hidden secrets of his past life and tries desperately to hold on.
  • Strebor Books | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439198841 | 
  • February 2011
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A secret past was the fuel to Travis Moore’s fire. It woke him up in the morning and daily, he put more distance between it and himself. It had driven him to the success that he now enjoyed as the internal auditor for Home Supply Emporium, a large hardware firm. His past also had led him to where he was now driving, the Garrison Addictive Disease Center.

Travis had volunteered a few hours a week at the center and its adolescent treatment program. The last two months at work hadn’t allowed him to stop by Garrison. Home Supply was on the verge of going public, and Travis recently had uncovered an... see more

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