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Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

(Part of WWE)
You think you know Hollywood Hulk Hogan™? Brother, you don't know squat about me.

Yeah, I'm the towering red-and-yellow warrior who revolutionized the wrestling business, the larger-than-life superhero who transformed an entire country into a horde of Hulkamaniacs™.

But it wasn't always like that. Once I was a fat kid named Terry Bollea watching legends like Dusty Rhodes and Superstar Billy Graham, never dreaming I'd be a professional wrestler myself one day.

Run with me on the streets of Tampa, where a bass guitar became my salvation. Fight alongside me in the wrestling arenas of Japan. Cruise L.A. with me and Sylvester Stallone. Find out what makes me cry like a baby, what makes my blood boil, and what scares the living hell out of me. Then tell me you know the man called Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Join the Babe Ruth of wrestling on a no-holds-barred odyssey of his start in the barbaric wrestling arenas of the seventies through the humiliation of his involvement in federal steroid-abuse trials and the heartbreak of potentially career-ending surgery to the achievement of his greatest triumph yet.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan. It's the real deal, brother.
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  • May 2011
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A Rock and a Hard Place

You can be the Babe Ruth of wrestling and still have something to prove.

That's the way I felt on March 17, 2002, at WrestleMania X8 in the Toronto SkyDome. I had something to prove to myself and a lot of other people, and there was only one place I could do it -- in the ring. Against a guy called The Rock. In front of nearly 70,000 screaming fans.

It was already preordained that The Rock would win this clash of titans. We both knew he was going to come out on top that night.

But that didn't make my job easier. If anything, it made it harder. It would have been simple if all I had to do... see more

About the Author

Hulk Hogan

In the 1980s, Hulk Hogan, the performer, and Mr. McMahon, the promoter, revolutionized professional wrestling, taking it from dark, smoke-filled arenas to the mainstream. When Mr. McMahon created WrestleMania in 1985, the main attraction was Hogan. Two years later, Mr. McMahon wanted WrestleMania to be "bigger, badder and better" than ever. WrestleMania III, then, was held in front of 93,172 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome. The main attraction? Hogan. By the time Hogan left the World Wrestling Entertainment in the early 1990s and jumped to WCW, he was such a big star that WCW became legitimate competition for World Wrestling Entertainment. In 1996, he joined two other former WWE Superstars -- Scott Hall and Kevin Nash -- to form the nWo, and WCW's ratings even surpassed WWE's!

But boosting ratings was merely an externality to Hogan and his nWo cohorts. They were only out for themselves. It didn't take long for WCW competitors to realize that, and eventually fans did as well. They were both driven away in droves as the weeks and months went by. In 2001, WCW went out of business.

Mr. McMahon brought Hogan back with the intention to destroy WWE. But once the Hulkster rekindled his relationship with the fans, he decided he wanted no part of McMahon or the nWo's evil ways. Shortly after his return, Hogan captured his sixth WWE Championship by pinning Triple H at Backlash.

Hogan secured more WWE gold on July 4, 2002, by pairing up with Edge and winning the Tag Team Championship.

Hogan has once again become one of the most popular athletes on the planet. And whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?




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