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"Hooked is an absolute treasure that leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next Brides book," said Rendezvous of Stef Ann Holm's second entry in this irresistible series. Now the bases are loaded with sweet desire and roguish fun as the Brides for All Seasons hit another grand slam....

Camille Kennison is the most beautiful woman in Harmony, Montana, but she seems destined to end up a spinster. Although she's received marriage proposals, no man has stirred her heart or her passion. She thinks she's struck out forever. Until Alex Cordova arrives in town.

A darkly handsome former baseball star, Alex swore he'd never play ball again, but circumstances have arisen and he needs money. So when Camille offers him a contract with her father's team, he has little choice but to wear a uniform again.

Soon Camille is managing the bungling team, and Alex would rather make a play for the pretty honey than pitch baseballs. He hopes to win her over, but a secret tragedy in his past could throw them both a curveball...unless they learn that truth paves the path to their field of dreams.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 432 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451614022 | 
  • July 2010
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Chapter One

Three years later

Harmony, Montana

Men were drawn to Camille Kennison like bees were to honeysuckle blossoms.

While she walked to her father's hardware store, gentlemen doffed their hats and wished her a pleasant day. She always gave them a smile. But where most women would be flattered by the attention, for Camille it became a chore to say "Good afternoon" so often.

She liked men, of course. But she noticed the way they looked at her. They were more interested in her appearance than in what she had to say. As her father so often reminded her, pretty women were never thought of as smart... see more

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