(Book #4 of Shooting Stars)
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In her music, she found sweet salvation....
Honey grew up on a farm under her strict, fanatically religious grandfather's disapproving eye. To him, everything is a sin -- from her natural-born talent for the violin to her innocent interest in boys and dating -- and life is a treacherous path to be walked in fear. When Honey is paired for music practice with a brilliant piano student, wealthy Chandler Maxwell, she discovers a true soul mate. But when a shocking family secret comes to light, Honey discovers the startling cause of her grandfather's bitter fury. And her own precious joy may be lost forever....
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743421744 | 
  • January 2002
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Chapter One

In the spring of my senior year in high school, my uncle Peter was killed when his airplane crashed in the field he was crop dusting. A witness said the engine just choked and died on him. He was only thirty-five years old, and he had been my first pretend boyfriend. He had taken me flying at least a dozen times in his plane, each time more fun and exciting than the time before. When he performed his aerial acrobatics with me in the passenger seat beside him, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed with a smile on my face, the way most people do when they have just gone over a particularly steep peak of tracks on the... see more

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