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How Hard Can It Be?

How Hard Can It Be?

Toolgirl's Favorite Repairs And Projects

Foreword by: Steve Smith
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"You can pay big money for a self-esteem seminar, or you can buy yourself a cordless drill. I recommend the drill." Only the ToolGirl can make unplugging a blocked drain entertaining! Mag Ruffman, with characteristic flair and attitude, encourages readers to confront their terror of household maintenance and accomplish those nagging home repairs and improvements. Whether you¿re a rank beginner, first-time homeowner, or an apartment-dweller who's fed up with a lazy super, you¿ll find the know-how in this book to accomplish your goals.
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  • Atria Books/Beyond Words | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451663068 | 
  • October 2011
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