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How To Be Safe

How To Be Safe

Protect Yourself and Your Family From Identity Theft, Predators, Scammers and Intruders

Foreword by: Paul Tagliabue
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Written by Ira Lipman, founder and chairman of Guardsmark, one of the world’s largest security service companies, this valuable guide will show you and your family how to protect yourself from identity theft, predators, scams, intruders and more!

How to Be Safe is the most comprehensive safety and security manual on the market, encouraging individuals to take a positive, preventive approach to their own safety. This well-researched reference, written by the founder and chairman of Guardsmark, one of the world’s largest security service companies, shows you how to protect yourself from crime even when challenged by the greatest odds. Jam-packed with unique tips and handy guidelines to deal with muggers, burglars, stalkers, and worse, HOW TO BE SAFE reveals what attracts criminals to you, your home, your loved ones, or your business and provides the proven tactics to scare them off. From securing your home with tips from the professionals to protecting your investments and arming your computer with the best virus-protection software, the information inside will help you stay one step ahead of even the savviest criminal minds. If you’re concerned about becoming a victim of crime, keep this book handy and follow its practical and personally relevant advice. Learn the secrets of the security pros and discover how to…
• Secure your home while on vacation.
• Establish a safe workplace.
• Protect kids from violence and bullying.
• Stay safe when jogging, shopping, or taking mass transportation.
• Detect an unsafe college campus.
• Avoid Internet scams and e-mail traps.
• Select a safe nursing home or daycare center.
• Deal with sexual assault and stalkers.
• Respond to a terrorist attack.
• And so much more!
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  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781621451402 | 
  • March 2014
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