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How To Survive Your 40Th Birthday

How To Survive Your 40Th Birthday

The Complete Guide to Getting the Care You Need--And Avoiding Problems You Don't

Here's a great gag gift for anyone turning 40!
How To Survive Your 40th Birthday is a perfect gift for thirty-nine-year-olds dreading the Big Four 40. It provides reassurance that there's more to life after forty: old age and death. And it's chock fun of off-the-wall advice that can come in very handy when you turn forty, including:
  • How to act surprised at your surprise 40th birthday party
  • How to tell the difference between a mid-life crisis and a hangover
  • How to raise a family without raising your blood pressure
  • How to find your lost youth without hurting yourself
  • How to get through your high-school reunion without lying about your job
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  • Meadowbrook | 
  • 100 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671725617 | 
  • October 1990
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About the Author

Bill Dodds

Bill Dodd is a humorist who has written How to Survive Your 40th Birthday, Are You Over the Hill?, What You Don't Know about Turning 40, What You Don't Know about Turning 50, What You Don't Know about Turning 60, and The Joy of Marriage.  He lives near Seattle.




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