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How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid

How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid

The Straight Dope for Parents

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Nearly every child will be offered drugs or alcohol before graduating high school. The good news is that a child who gets to age twenty-one without smoking, using illegal drugs, or abusing alcohol is virtually certain never to do so...and kids who learn about drugs from their parents are much likelier to resist these temptations.

Based on nearly two decades of research at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid: The Straight Dope for Parents offers advice and information on how to prepare your child for the crucial decision-making moments and on many of the most daunting parenting topics, including:
• When and how to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol
• How to respond when your kid asks, "Did you do drugs?"
• How to know when your child is most at risk
• How to prepare your teen for the freedoms and perils of college
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  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439156315 | 
  • August 2009
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How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid

The comprehensive guide to getting your child through the formative pre-teen, teen, and college years drug-free—now revised and updated.

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