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The effects of the online revolution are being felt far beyond Silicon Valley as consumers and businesses shift buying patterns to take advantage of the convenience and cost savings that are available over the Web. The term "HyperWars" describes the constant battle for survival of the fittest that reflects the reality of business today. Managers who want to stay afloat need practical guidance -- and fast.
Drawing on extensive research and his pioneering experience in e-commerce, industry innovator Bruce Judson outlines eleven strategies for thriving in this hypercompetitive environment. His visionary techniques, from "Create the 'Total Solution' for Your Customer" to "The Magic in 'Free,'" are illustrated with examples of Internet initiatives that real companies, from pool suppliers to major businesses like Chrysler, are implementing today.
HyperWars explains how the Internet can and must be incorporated into all aspects of a business, to do everything from cutting procurement, marketing, and communication costs, to deepening customer relationships. Here are the tools every reader needs to survive and profit in the new competitive era.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684855653 | 
  • January 2000
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Why I Wrote This Book

At Time Warner in the mid-1990s, I became one of the early Internet pioneers, working as a leader of the team that created one of the first large-scale commercial Internet sites. From that time, my work has kept me in the midst of a swirl of Internet development, and my experiences, both positive and negative, have now spanned the full spectrum of online activities: I was the cofounder of Time Warner's Pathfinder, which, despite its critics, is now one of the highest traffic Internet sites in the world; I was involved in the start of Road Runner, the high-speed cable Internet access service; I served on the board of... see more

Reading Group Guide

Discussion Group Questions
1. Do you agree that the Internet inherently puts tremendous price pressure on retailers and manufacturers?
2. Do you agree that the Internet inherently leads to consolidation among industry participants?
3. What kinds of practical steps can your business take to survive?
4. Do you believe the Internet dramatically increases the value of being first to market?
5. How do you think the growth of the Internet will affect the pricing of your products and services over the long term? Do you think we will see the same product with prices that fluctuate rapidly (both up and down) over time?
6. What businesses will not be changed by the rapid growth of the Web?
7. What kinds of new business opportunities do you think the rapid growth of the Web is creating? see more

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